Air France New Amenity Kit

Thu, 07 Nov 2019

Air France has unveiled new amenity kits that will be available to customers travelling on all long-haul flights in all classes, each kit has been specially designed for each cabin and features the iconic Air France brand accents.

Air France Premium Economy Amenity Kit

Passengers travelling in Premium Economy will receive a kit in an original design and fabric on board long haul flights. Made from neoprene fabric with a focus on comfort and modernity in a triangular shape with the choice of tow bright colours, blue and green. The kit contains all of the travel essentials travellers may need during a flight including - 

  • Headphone protectors
  • Ear Plugs
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Pair of socks
  • Sleep mask

Air France Kids Kit

Along with the beautiful amenity kits in First and Business Class, Air France have also released comfort kits for children and infants. Young travellers aged 3 to 11 with a pre-ordered kids’ meal will receive a pastel-coloured metal box that is filled with activities to keep them occupied throughout the flight. The Kids kit will be available from April 2020 and contains - 

  • Two paper games – Solitaire and Sudoku
  • 36 magnet game pieces
  • An activity booklet
  • A postcard that can be animated in 3D with the Kids app
  • Five colour pencils
  • Six coloured plane-shaped paperclips

Air France Baby Feeding Bottle Bag

For Infants aged up to 23 months travelling Premium Economy will also receive comfort accessories, the “Feeding Bottle Bag” which will be available on long-haul flights until September 2020. The kit contains all of the essentials needed when travelling with a baby -

  • A bib
  • An adapted spoon
  • A comforter
  • Two Mustela baby beauty products
  • A Baby Nappy

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