Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Review

Wed, 24 Apr 2019

Recently we flew from Sydney to Singapore, in premium economy with Singapore Airlines. The spacious 2-4-2 cabin has plenty of room to move giving you the exclusive feeling of flying in premium economy.  

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy class

When seated you can tell that the seats were designed with comfort in mind, extra wide and with a generous 38-inch pitch. The recline is completed with the combination of the calf rest and footrest that keeps you supported and comfortable throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines premium economy seat

Plus everything you could need is within arms reach, reading light, footrest, and holders for headphones and drinks are all situated around you. There are also power outlets and USB ports in many convenient locations, including in the armrest, at the base of the chair and next to the seat back pocket (perfect for charging devices while not in use). The seat also has plenty of storage, including a pocket on the back of the seat for a laptop or device and a hook on the side of the chair for a jacket. 

Personal entertainment screen and storage pockets

The screen in the back of the headrest contains hundreds of hours of entertainment to enjoy during the flight. The screen also tiled so you can continue to watch comfortably while in the reclined position. 

Singapore Airlines tilted screen, to watch in comfort

The controls for both the television screen and the recline of your chair can be found in the armrest of your seat, providing easy access whenever you need it. Along with the movies and other entertainment, there is also onboard wifi, that can be used for a cost on any device or computer.

Singapore Airlines WiFi set up instructions

With the Singapore Airlines amenity kit that is provided containing a tooth cleaning set and socks, you are also given a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to use while in flight.

Singapore Airlines amenity kit

Singapore Airlines noise-cancelling headphones

As always the food on board Singapore Airlines was delicious and came paired with a range of different drinks and cocktail options. With three different meal seatings, there is no way you could go hungry.

To start we enjoyed a chicken and vegetable salad with chicken rice. The meal had all of the trimmings including a delicious salted caramel ice cream to finish off the meal.

Singapore Airline cocktail selection

Meal after takeoff - Chicken Terrine, with salad. Oriental chicken rice, with black mushrooms, Chinese greens and rice

Singapore Airlines, Chicken Terrine with a vegetable salad

Singapore Airlines, Premium Ice Cream dessert

Before landing you are served another meal, something lighter but still just as satisfying.

Meal before touch down, Turkish Pide

Soon enough it was time to land in Singapore, as always the staff where very helpful making sure everyone was taken care off.

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