Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy Review

Sun, 15 Dec 2019

Recently we flew from Sydney to Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines in Premium Economy onboard their Dreamliner. Check-in at the Sydney airport was very busy and at first the queue for premium economy passengers was a little hard to find, however an announcement was made that the dedicated check-in for premium economy in the same line as SkyTeam members, after this the check-in process moved quickly.

Vietnam Airlines 787 Dreamliner

Arriving at the gate we were greeted by the beautiful Vietnam Airlines Dreamliner ready and waiting. Like check-in, premium economy passengers had priority boarding at the same time as Business Class and SkyTeam members.

The intimate premium economy cabin has a 2-3-2 configuration with a total of 28 seats in the cabin. 

Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy

Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy Cabin

Waiting at the seat were complimentary amenities including slippers, blanket, pillow, headphones and an amenity kit. The amenity kit was packed with inflight essentials including an eye mask, tooth cleaning kit, and socks.

Premium Economy Seat

Around the seat there is a good about on space, with room to store a small bag without compromising legroom. The seat also has an adjustable footrest to maximise comfort.

Premium Economy Legroom and footrest

The seat itself is very comfortable, upon boarding it was already in a semi-reclined position meaning passengers can sit back and relax straight away.

First impressions of the seat are that there is no tray table or entertainment screen, with the seatbacks only having a storage pocket and coat hook. Both the tray table and the entertainment screen are stored in the armrests and can be extended when needed. This made the seatback less cluttered however the position of the screen when extended means that the person in the window or middle seat cannot get out of their seat without lowering the screens of the people sitting next to them. A bit of an inconvenience. The screen also had to be stowed for take-off and landing. The entertainment system offers a great range of Hollywood blockbusters and international films with plenty of options to keep you entertained.

Entertainment System

A row of USB power points are positioned along one edge of the screen, which can conveniently still be accessed when the screen is stowed as well as when in use, making it easy to stay recharged while onboard.

USB Charging port in the side of the entertainment screen

The seat controls are also on the armrest, with the ability to recline the seat and use the leg rest. The leg rest added comfort but as it was a day flight we didn’t really need and found that the footrest was enough.

Seat controls and premium economy blanket

Shortly after we had boarded and settled into our seat the flight attendants offered cold towels and a welcome drink of juice or water, this was followed by the menus and a snack.

Welcome drink

Menu and a welcome snack

Vietnam Airlines Menu

As we departed at 4pm, we were served a main 'dinner' meal shortly after take off. The main meal was all served at the same time on trays and consisted of a hot meal, salad, dessert and fresh fruit. Once all of the meals were served we were offered wine to go with our meal and a hot tea.

Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy Meal

Before landing at 10:30pm a small supper was served, with the choice of a Pastrami sandwich or Stir-fry chicken. After already eating Stir-fry for dinner we opted for the sandwich this time, which was served with a fruit salad. The sandwich was good but unfortunately mostly bread without much filling. Like with dinner we were offered wine to go with our meal and a hot tea.

Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy Dinner meal

After the first meal service, the lights were turned off in our cabin, unfortunately the main economy cabin behind us took longer to finish the meal service so their lights stayed on. This was only an issue for customers sitting at the back of the cabin where the light filtered through the curtain.

The flight to Hanoi from Sydney was very comfortable, to book your next Premium Economy flight with Vietnam Airlines contact our team of expert travel consultants here.

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